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Sep 11, 2009

I have made an Umbraco package of the sitemap script I use on this site.

You can watch a demonstration here.

EyeCatch Sitemap Generator is a 100% standards-compliant sitemap generator for Umbraco v4.

To use it, download and install the package on the right. Then you just create a node in your webpage with the type of [EyeCatch] Sitemap.
The url to your sitemap will be the url to the node you created.

Edit the template so the source parameter points to your desired parent. If you leave the source blank, it will use the topmost node (under Content) as parent.
Use Max Level Depth to control how deep the sitemap should go.
(You might want to leave out comment nodes from your sitemap for example)

The ROR Sitemap will generate a sitemap similar to Sitemap, but based on the ROR standard.
To take full advantage of the ROR sitemap, your parent node should have the same properties as the [EyeCatch] Website document type.

You can add a Site URL to either the [EyeCatch] Website document type or to the macro in the template. The document type property will have precedence over the macro. If you omit both, the XSLT will use the current HTTP Host.


Download package



Fixes various errors with validation.


Fixed a bug in url generation.


Initial release.