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CSV Generator for Umbraco

This package enables you to generate a CSV representation of any Umbraco node tree.

To use it, simply render the node with the attached template, or create your own template and add the macro. Remember, the template must not include anything except the macro and the ASP. NET template code. See documentation for an example.

NOTE: The node in question must be published for this to work!

Macro properties:

Set the "Source" to specify starting point for export.

Set the "Include Source Node" property to true to include the chosen source node in the export.

If you set "Get Descendants Of Source" to true, you will get a list of the children of the Source. 

Specify "Level" to limit how deep you want to traverse. 

If you enter a "Document Type Alias", you will only export nodes of this type.

The "Encode Html Tags" option tells the usercontrol to escape all Html Tags.

The "Strip Html Tags" option takes presedence over the "Encode Html Tags" option, and will remove all Html Tags, including images, flash, etc.

The "Delimiter" string is the string used to split values. Microsoft Excel uses the ";" character to split values into cells.

The "Remove Line Breaks" option will remove all linebreaks in the properties.


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Added support for exporting descendants, not just direct children.
You can also specify how deep you want to traverse for nodes.
Added option for including or excluding the source node.


Added an option for removing line breaks. Fixed incompatibility with date fields and CMSImport.


Fixed the bug where it would give an YSOD if there were no nodes of the specified document type alias under the source node.
Also tweaked the output to properly encase double quotes. This means that it is compatible with CMSImport!


Now uses the current page as source if no source was specified in the macro.


Initial release.